Day 8 - Friday June 6th, 2008

Today, since Michael had classes all day, I decided I wanted to stay in the hotel and not meet him for lunch. I wanted to get some work done on the NSCAD student books and also on my diary and then in the afternoon I wanted to go to the mall for some shoes.

I had an apple, bananas, raisins and nuts for lunch. There are six of the nineteen bananas left and they’re getting a little too ripe for my liking.

This is the entrance to the market I went to yesterday.

Whenever I take the taxi, I take pics from the window. This is that kind of photo.

This is also that kind of photo.

This is also a taxi photo - of the restaurant we went to on our first night here.

Michael comes back around 6 pm and then we’ll figure out what to do for supper. Chunhong called and said we’d be leaving for Kaifeng tomorrow morning at 8 am. It takes 3 hours to get there and we’ll stay overnight and then travel to Zhengzhou and Louyang where the famous grottoes are.

We went to the hotel restaurant by ourselves - another private room with a large table and large turnable glass plate in the middle of it. It was a bit of a challenge with no one speaking any English, but we realized that there was some English on the menus - whew!

The girls who worked at the restaurant were beautifully dressed, they giggled when they saw Michael’s signature - I said they were snickering because of his signature scribble, he said that maybe he had signed where it said in Chinese: “I like to wear ladies panties”.

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