Day 17 - Sunday June 15, 2008

We had breakfast and did some stuff in the hotel in the morning.
After lunch we went out for a walk - this was interesting - we walked down a street with many little local shops. Many of the local people were there, it was messy and poor looking, but I loved it and it reminded me of Zhumadian.

Colourful China ...

I think eggs in a basket are pretty common in China. I never found out why they pack them like this and if they're raw or cooked. I suspect they're cooked otherwise they would be pretty fragile.

Those 3-wheeled vehicles - I just loved them!

Lots and lots of fruit wagons (especially watermelon) and shoe stores with shoe parts in them. I suppose you would pick out the pieces you wanted in your shoes and they would put them together while you waited - I don’t know.

Typical stores - just holes in the wall with no doors or windows.

Most of the "booths" aren't very big - maybe the size of a small storage area.

This is a "restaurant" booth.

We continued on our walk and found a place that had a picture of a foot with acupressure points - so we went in. Both Michael and I had a glorious foot and leg massage! It cost us 35 rmb each - that totals $10 for 1.5 hours of massage each. I like that price! We noticed afterwards that our feet had shrunk because our sandals were loose (probably walking puffiness and water retention were relieved by the massage).

This is Michael at the foot massage place

We continued on our walk and saw a shoe store - each of us bought a pair of shoes (this was my fourth pair - Well, why not? - when the shoe fits, buy it!) We paid about 25 dollars for each pair, that was not a bad price, but much more than I had paid for my other pairs.

Kids everywhere ... not so many older people though ... young China.

The escalator ramp (no steps on the escalator) up to the grocery store we went to yesterday.

Oh, I saw dried jujubes in the grocery store so I bought a small package - never had them before but Laura, the translator from yesterday, had said that they were especially good for women. (They’re a little bit like a date but red, similar in texture but with a smaller stone). I’m soaking some with raisins, cashews and walnuts. That’s what I’ll have this evening because we’re not going out for supper. It’ll be a nice change actually.

Just so you don't think it's all rice, vegetables and fruit - there's LOTS of candy around!

Come to think of it, I never saw the women squatting like I saw many men doing - perhaps it's not as physically easy for women, or perhaps it's a social faux pas.

No chairs? No benches? No problem ... for the men.

DVD's for sale ...

There's an idea for the local gym - self powered walking machines.

Before going to bed, we watched Juno and then an episode of Prison Break - PB is a very popular show in China - many of the students watch it. (The student I coached a little in English also watches Prison Break). Strange that I had not heard of it before one of Michael’s Chinese students in Halifax had lent him a DVD with some of the episodes on it.

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