Day 6 - Wednesday June 4, 2008

This is another favourite pic of mine:

Zhumadian is a city of about 300,000 but it's farming community includes about 6 million people. The map below is of Henan province and the yellow area is Zhumadian Prefecture.

These pics were taken yesterday - it had rained a bit overnight and the streets were wet. But the sun came out later and it was the brightest day of the two weeks here in Zhumadian.

Strangley, because everyone is moving, the people in my pics often end up all one on top of another by the time the camera flashes...

Two modes of transportation: this is farming land and it's all very flat - easy to walk and easy to bike. The motorbikes and motorized tricycles (not like the one above) are all electric so the traffic is relatively very quiet.

This morning at about 10:30 my long lost suitcase arrived!! I was so happy I hugged the woman who brought it up to our room. It was a little worse for wear - dirty and a little frayed in one area. The lock was taken off so it appears they looked inside - I wonder if they thought my supplements were drugs ... oh well everything was still in my bag, nothing lost. So I unpacked and put all my clothes in the chest of drawers under the mirror. Finally I felt like my vacation could begin.

A pic from the lobby.

Not long after that there was a knock on the door, it was Tien (an assistant who works in the International Department) who had brought 17 bananas, 9 huge apples and some special, very bitter, herbal tea. He told me that his mother has the same problem (chuckle) and directed me on how to make the tea. That day I had about 6 cups of the tea and the next am a bm.

Another pic from the lobby.

Michael came home at about 1:30, we had a rest and afterwards I walked down a street I hadn’t been on and took more pictures.

That night we went to a party - 9 people in total, 5 were chinese, 4 were Canadian. We had dinner in a private room at hotel restaurant and there was a LOT of drinking going on. It was quite funny, actually. The food was delicious - again.

On the way home in the taxi, Frank pointed out an open market area that was interesting to go to (I made a mental note). He’d gotten three mosquito tents at this market for himself and two other guys - who all stay in apartments while they teach.

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